Cloud HR Information Systems & Solutions for mid-size multinational organizations

Has your business grown past the suitability of its current HR system? Inefficiencies in internal
departments such as HR can often be overlooked in fast-paced organizations. Here at Fairsail, we understand that change
is required, and facilitate the major step forward that a business takes in deploying a cloud-based Human Resources Information System.

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Cool tech that will change the future of work at HR Tech World

HR Tech World prides itself on being the best source of intelligent information on HR. Come and visit Fairsail on booth 124 in Paris, 25-26 October.

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The CMO of People: The titanic shift from HR to People

Humans are not resources. In the midst of Dreamforce last week, we discussed the shift from HR to People with the top HR leaders in the Bay area.

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Five generations, flying blind - today's HR challenges greater than ever

New research into today's multi-generational workforce reveals new and increasing people challenges for leaders.

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Software at a glance

  • Candidate portal
  • Online advertising, objective assessment and referencing
  • Automatic onboarding of new team members

Acquire Talent

Save on time, effort and resources. Fairsail completely automates every aspect of your recruitment, selection and onboarding processes.

  • A single system of record
  • Implement global policies and local requirements
  • Self service capabilities

Manage People

Transform the way you manage your modern workforce. Fairsail captures the key details of every person and improves engagement through its Workforce eXperience Interface.

  • Performance reviews and ratings
  • Skills management, gap analysis and development
  • Career development plans

Develop Skills

Make sure your people are the best they can be. Fairsail captures their skills and experience, helping you manage performance levels and create effective talent plans.

  • 'What if?' resource modelling
  • Visibility of risk and impact of leavers
  • Automated salary planning

Plan Resources

Face the future with confidence. Fairsail helps you create, communicate and implement plans for multiple successors, new positions and compensation.

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