A wake up call for people professionals in Financial Services

New FCA regulation changes the HR landscape: read our short ebook to discover exactly how it will impact you.

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From 17 to 70: what HR leaders really think of the 5-generation workforce

With daily news reports on the difficulties of managing five generations – according to Bloomberg, Millennial women are most likely to swear, and recently, analysts at Goldman Sachs declared that...

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Forbes magazine leadership feature spotlights Fairsail HRMS

CEO Adam Hale and Sage’s Chief People Officer Sandra Campopiano predict the coming workplace revolution. It’s great to see our Chief Executive lining up with Sage’s Chief People Officer...

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Encourage better internal communication with personalization
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Encourage better internal communication with personalization

Almost all workplaces will list email as their most used communication channel. Most companies use it in multiple ways, so that it is not only a means of chasing up work or requesting a report on progress, but also one of scheduling meetings, organizing office events, and providing feedback. The problem is that it often

HR to People

HR is rapidly evolving. From manual admin to automation, engagement to experience, gut feel to People Science.

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Fairsail is hot on the lists that count!

We’re celebrating hotlist positions awarded to us in two influential technology listings, with our ranking released today for Inc 5000 Europe. We learned in January that we’d made the cut for the Inc 5000 Europe business listing. It measures Europe’s top 5000 fastest-growing private companies. In the last 36 months we’ve grown +1200% which is

Talent and Tech Roundtable

All About People

When people thrive, organisations thrive too. Prior to the main All About People event, Fairsail and All About People teamed up!

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Performance appraisals guide
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Performance appraisals: a guide to your options

A performance appraisal is a means by which an employer evaluates the contribution, performance or relevant attributes of their employees. It is important in a number of ways, but the most obvious contribution it makes to an organization is in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of employees, making it possible to frame goals and objectives

NOEMAIL - social tools vs email
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#NOEMAIL – social tools versus email: which is more productive?

According to the Wrike Digital Work Report 2016, UK workplaces are not as technologically progressive as you might think. Although they’re using more IT tools than ever before, the reluctant uptake on business apps actually leaves the UK trailing behind its European counterparts in this area. Compared to its main competitors, only 46 percent of


The Year Ahead Conference from TalentLeadersConnect

Fairsail is delighted to sponsoring a series TalentLeadersConnect events throughout 2017, starting with the Year Ahead Conference on 2nd March 2017. Taking place at The King’s Fund in London, this all day event will cover a number of hot topics from the world of recruitment, HR and talent management, including an innovation spotlight from Fairsail

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