A wake up call for people professionals in Financial Services

New FCA regulation changes the HR landscape: read our short ebook to discover exactly how it will impact you.

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From 17 to 70: what HR leaders really think of the 5-generation workforce

With daily news reports on the difficulties of managing five generations – according to Bloomberg, Millennial women are most likely to swear, and recently, analysts at Goldman Sachs declared that...

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Forbes magazine leadership feature spotlights Fairsail HRMS

CEO Adam Hale and Sage’s Chief People Officer Sandra Campopiano predict the coming workplace revolution. It’s great to see our Chief Executive lining up with Sage’s Chief People Officer...

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Building a strong company culture
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Five tips from experts for building a strong company culture

Company culture is the force that drives employees towards their goals and the business towards its targets, and ultimately, success. It’s how things get done around here. To ensure the best results, you need to build a company culture that reflects the type of company you want to be and be clear about what behaviors

Sage Summit 5-6th April 2017

Sage Summit UK

Fairsail (now part of Sage) is excited to invite you to join us at Sage Summit UK, a must-attend business conference taking place at ExCel London, 5-6 April 2017.

HR to People

HR is rapidly evolving. From manual admin to automation, engagement to experience, gut feel to People Science.

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How you can eliminate recruitment bias using predictive analytics
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How you can eliminate recruitment bias using predictive analytics

While employing people of different race and gender goes a long way towards improving organizational performance, it’s just a start. Diversity goes far beyond race, color, creed or gender. Diversity means just that – diverse characteristics, skill sets, experiences and personal attributes too. People who think differently approach problems in different ways. Developing a high

Talent and Tech Roundtable

All About People

When people thrive, organisations thrive too. Prior to the main All About People event, Fairsail and All About People teamed up!

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Founding a company: A Tale of Three Recipes
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Founding A Company: A Tale of Three Recipes.

Ten years ago, I founded a new company called Fairsail.   The company is now one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK and is used by 200,000 users in over 130 countries.   Yesterday the company was purchased by Sage to become one of their four key cloud product offerings; renamed as Sage People.


Speaking from experience: 2017 Human Capital Forum

Fairsail’s Paul Burrin to speak at Argyle Forum’s Human Capital Forum, 22nd March, San Francisco on “why delivering great workforce experiences is key to improving workforce engagement.”

Video Interviews - Getting it right
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Video interviews – Getting it right

Harnessing the flexibility of video for interviews, meetings, training and other functions in the office can help save employees valuable time, reduce costs and be part of a strategy for creating great workforce experiences. Video interviews allow managers to connect with candidates at the touch of a button – widening talent pools from applicants who

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How to keep remote employees engaged in your company’s culture

The rise of flexible working, including working away from the office, means ensuring your remote workers feel valued as part of a team, and that HR software is in place to prevent them from feeling isolated, while maintaining the morale and wellbeing of staff, wherever they are. Here are four ways to keep your remote

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In just seven years, Fairsail has grown from the seed of an idea into one of the most respected and progressive companies operating in the HRMS sector. We are proud of our history – and even more excited and enthusiastic about our prospects in the coming years.

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